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Dynamic Development for Dynamic Soluitons

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Private Exchange or Business to Business Portal If you are a company with over 50 buyers and sellers and your gross sales exceed over 10 Million US$, you must consider adopting a Private Exchange. A private exchange or a B2B portal is a website that provides a gateway to information relating to a particular company, its products and services and its buyers and suppliers. Many of the company businesses processes including supply chain, procurement and sales are also get executed through the systems integrated to this website.

WEGASOFT B2B PORTAL SOLUTIONS model of Private Exchange provides great opportunities to automate collaborative business processes with clients and suppliers andhelp getting immense benefits that include:

• Improve customer service
• Reduce supply chain cost
• Control rogue spending
• Reduce sourcing time cycle
• Efficient information sharing method
• Reduce document errors

Why Wegasoft?

Wegasoft Technologies is not a free lancer team! It’s a professional corporate sector dealing professional software house. Wegasoft Technologies guaranties for 100% standard and quality assured working.

Wegasoft Advantage.

Wegasoft has 100% quality assured IT services and products under supervising of experienced and professional team. This results that your projects and products will be designed to assure and cope up the latest technologies demand.

Mission and Vision

The vision of Wegasoft Technologies is to be recognized by its customers, employees, stakeholders, venders, partners and competitors as the number one software house and IT enabled services provider in Pakistan; to be rated among the best software solutions and IT services provider within the mortgage & apparel segment in the World; and to have strong regional presence in international markets.